David is a storyteller and magician who creates and presents original interactive magical experiences.

He has staged six original theatrical magic productions, including Magic Outside The Box, The Adventure to the Imagi Nation, Cerebral Sorcery, and  …Art of Dreams. His performances combine magic with storytelling, comedy, philosophy, surrealism, and that which cannot be defined, to create truly original shows of magic, which he presents at theaters, museums, galleries, and festivals across the United States.

David has served as the editor of Behind The Smoke and Mirrors – a journal devoted to magic and creativity and has and authored eight manuscripts related to magic and illusion, including Daydreams, Borderland State, and Imagining the Imagination. He offers a variety of talks, workshops and lectures for various audiences, on the topics magic, surrealism, creativity, and “the show business.”

To learn more about David and his other creations, please visit www.DavidLondonMagic.com

David London at his Seance table